The Binghamton ACM E-Board

Jordan Levin • Chair

Jordan is a senior studying Computer Science

Summer of 2018, Jordan interned at Bloomberg. Summer of 2019, he interned at Microsoft. After he graduates, he will be working full time at Bloomberg. Feel free to ask him any questions!

Henry Burns • Vice Chair

Henry is a junior Computer Science and Mathematics major.

Henry interned at Google the Summer of 2019 and will Summer 2020.

Henry is responsible for the intermediate side of ACM, ICPC, and developing programming competition questions

Madison Werner • Treasurer

Madison is a junior mathematics major. She is the treasurer of the Binghamton ACM. She manages all of the funds of the organization and helps setup events.

Madison plays a key role in developing questions for ACM programming competitions

Harry Lum• Secretary

Harry is a junior computer science major. He maintains records of what is covered at board meetings and communicates events with the ACM community.

Matt Aguilar• External Communications

Matt is a sophomore computer science major. Matt works with contacting companies, external organizations, and the Binghamton University community for planning events.

Jenny Thakkar• Web Master

Jenny is a sophomore computer science and mathematics student. She is responsible for keeping the website up to date.